Sunday, March 4, 2012

March 4th already!! where does the time go? I have been finding it very difficult to work all day at the house, deal with all the onerous legislation and have a life....never mind writing this blog!! So I have made a commitment to myself to post at least once a month from now on untill the end of the project!
So...whats new you may ask? well things have moved on a pace and the internal structure of the house is now completed with doors and holes where they need to be! quite a task as for a couple of them we have had to install some serious steel constructions! (see pics)

The plumber and the electrician have completed their first fix, and we have nearly completed the staircase!....major task!
I have finished the Loggia roof and replaced the stairs with some lovely new stone, and they look fantastic while allowing us to get into the house without having to risk life and limb climbing up bits of wood!!
I have also started to dig the trenches for the supplies of gas,water and electric outside the house so that we can lay the patio over the top of them. There seems to be a requirement for a lot of little "pozzeto" little concrete cubes for accesing the various services!
Next week sees the pouring of the concrete floor, which will then enable us to remove the old plaster ready for re plastering the walls and hopefully installing the underfloor heating system!!
I spent a very enjoyable week driving a little skid steer loader to redistribute the piles of dirt around the property, luckily we had a very low part of the garden which made an ideal place in which to put the spoil and has now given usd a nice level garden.