Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Here are some photos of "La Libellula" as it is today, before any work starts!
The house is in fact two separate houses, one of which has been abandoned since the 60's and the other since 99'.
The house stands on the valley floor about 1/2 km from the small village of Piosina, which is 4km from the beautiful City of Citta di Castello, which is the northern most town in Umbria, lying about 15km from the border with Tuscany and the famous "alpe de la luna" region.

The area is a traditional farming community and surrounding the house are fields full of Sunflowers, Corn and Tobacco, which all looks enchanting, particularly during the summer months.

The house sits well back from a country road in its own grounds of 1/2 hectare, with assorted fruit and nut trees, and is 200m from the banks of the Tiber River which runs from its headwaters in the mountains of Tuscany on through the centre of Rome.
Along the banks of the river is a well maintained cycle path which takes you right to the centre of Castello, without going near a road, which we hope to promote to future guests, along with cycles for hire!....being flat, even the most sedate of our guests should be keen to take advantage of this peaceful method of getting to town!

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